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I Truly Recommend

I Truly recommend services of Dalajam as i got lot of changes with my thought process which has helped me to improve my Health, Wealth & Happiness. Major improvements has happened spiritually &mentally which has helped me for smooth life & keep good relation with everyone.


The Positivity We Got In Life Is Helped Lot

I Definitely Recommend Because the positivity we got in life is helped lot. Clarity of thoughts cleared by your  intervention. We got courage in work. Thanks giving attitude, Loving people’s, Execuse the mistakes improved. Thankyou Very much.


Intervention has changed my life in a positive way

Yes it has helped. I would recommend too because  “Intervention has changed my life in a positive way”.


I have improved drastically, professionally and personally

I have been traveling with trivikrama sir for a long time. And have done lot of programs as per his mentorship. Past 8 years I have improved drastically, professionally and personally. I have been aware about the importance of surrendering.

The current program has helped me to be in a better command on how to surrender. Which is giving me lot of growth.

Even right now while people around me are worried about job. I am getting hikes of more than 100%.

Roshin Varghese

Humbled and grateful to Trivikrama sir

They say that big things come in small packages , although I am that person who would challenge the world on anything and take up anything on my shoulders, I realised that FORGIVING MYSELF for what happened to me in the past or what is happening or what will happen to me in the future is the best thing to do for oneself. Forgiving all is a small gesture with great benefits .

“ you are not responsible for the world but you are responsible for your work “ I had known this for years but I acheived clarity only when I forgave myself for what happened with me by me or by the world around me.

Humbled and grateful to Trivikrama sir for having clarified this mind block to us through this program.

Looking forward for more developments in me.

Following the program I am learning many things. Opening to opportunities. I need to improve more. I find multiple challenges but still I am calm. I feel happy and peace. I am surrendering myself to lord and I find changes. I had some loans and am clearing everything. Following this I have seen changes in my life, challenges are faced with confidence. I see doors open to different kinds of opportunities and I am finding success in the opportunities I select.
Waiting for more to learn and build myself better.
I thank my parents who have supported at every minute in all situations even though I was not able to give my love and support well to them. Thanks to Budh Trivikrama Sir for the teachings.
Looking forward for more developments in me.

Ujjval B.(Proprietor)
UBM Groups

Really these 28 days online teaching helped me lot

My dear friends on this Effortless prosperity platform.🙏for all of you .
Just because we are arrogant things will not happen.Keeping calm cool smiley look always fetches good results.I have learnt Lot many things here .For givers nature give some more.Really these 28 days online teaching helped me lot ,I am happy .
Thank you Sir.

Really enjoyed changing our mindset

A very good program sir. Really enjoyed changing our mindset, our vibration and therefore what we attract into our life. Grateful!

Thank you Trivikram Sir for providing this oppurtunity!

Thank you Trivikram Sir for providing this oppurtunity! The journey was indeed helpful..I observed my inner peace and relaxed self even during the toughest days of the weeks…I continue to maintain the same peace and happiness within me so that whatever happens around will not shake my inner self.. Even todayx nothing around me have changed but the way I handle it is more better!
It was a great takeaway in the journey…

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