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One Day Intensive MBS Workshop

All brainy creations on Earth are pre-loaded with two basic instincts, Fight and Flight mode for survival, the brain treats many social threats and rewards with the same intensity as physical threats and rewards

“MBS Workshop facilitates positive change by improving the Thought Process” to generate new thinking, create learning, self-development, and promote focused action in ways that benefit the participant

Participants in the past events have reported improved health, Better job opportunities, Improved relationships within the family, Improved relationships with peers and colleagues, Better focus, able to achieve their goals with ease, blissful, happy, joyful, more energetic, more eager to do more, etc.

Avail Early bird offer by booking now.

Event date: 16/02/2020, Sunday, from 8.45AM to 6PM, in Bengaluru City

Only for First 100 people, fast filling, act NOW to reserve your seats

You may like to start booking the slots aggressively so that the early bird offer (limited to 50 seats) valid till 07.01.2020 (Regular price Rs. 5,392/person)

Key Benefits:

Learn the Art and Science of all problems
Explore the solution within
Be always in Resourceful state
Learn to Think Within the BOX

Topics Covered :


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